With a big range in fashion industry, Rent a Gown see opportunity to take off. As a founder, Mrs. Mikeyani Gomulia not only has the passion to start but also vision to accomplish. Graduated in ESMOD University in 2009, she persistently grow in potential to build her own brand in 2014.

Our Story

Start with a small individual design and production, Rent a Gown dedicate their product for gown rental. With passion in heart and a problem solver in mind, we start each step to be a solution for every woman. Helping other people with fashion works has been our dream from beginning.

Wrapped in affordable price and guaranteed promises, Rent a Gown continues to fly to reach the highest quality. Design-wise, Rent a Gown never satisfied for one or two, but every month continually we innovate new designs.

Helping other people with fashion works has been our dream from the beginning.

Yours, truly

To make sure that we answer every woman’s wish, we start a new program for custom rent. When all the design is custom made especially for you. Every dress is unique as every woman. Every selected fabric, colors, beads, are all customized through a person’s personality.

Rent a Gown also accommodate some special treatments, as a competitive advantage in the business


We precisely count numbers to make sure the dress beautifully fit.


We understood that the dress sometimes has to be dirty to be perfectly used, we are welcomed to post-event dress.

Domestic Rental

Just by providing your measurement and we will deliver it to your place.

One Day Service

With an urge of emergency, we are ready to help you find your perfect fit.

Additional Design

Additional attribute to boost the confidence for free.